TomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS Fitness Watch with Small Strap

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Train to the beat of your heart on your wrist.

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TomTom Spark 3 Cardio GPS Fitness Watch with Small Strap

Train to the beat of your heart on your wrist.

  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • GPS Tracking
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking
  • Route Exploration
  • Personalised Workouts
  • Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fitness Age

Multiple Sports Modes

Make every workout count, whatever the sport. Track your gym workouts, runs, cycles, swims and more. Find out which sport helps you get fitter faster by reviewing your performance in the TomTom Sports App.

Personalised Workouts

Challenge yourself with over 50 workouts tailored to your fitness level to help you get fitter faster. Pick a run or cycle workout and get step by step coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness Age

Discover how fit you really are and how to get fitter faster. Know which workouts matter most by earning Fitness Points every time you get your heart going. Stick to the most impactful activities to see your Fitness Age drop over time.

Built-In Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor your heart rate on your watch with the built-in heart rate monitor and say goodbye to that clunky chest strap. Heart rate shows you the intensity of your training so you know when to push a little harder and when to ease off.

GPS Tracking

Trusted TomTom GPS tracking provides speed, pace, distance and location data during your sports. Beyond the live data, you get to see all your activities on the map in the TomTom Sports App.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Track your activities all day, every day. It's not just workouts that count. With TomTom Spark tracking your steps, calories burned and sleep 24/7, you'll get deeper insights and progress faster.

Tomtom Sports App

Relive your efforts and get detailed insights on your performance. Dive in deeper for intuitive breakdowns and more detailed analysis. Share your achievements and compare yourself to your peers in the app for even more motivation to improve.


  • Multisport Modes: Track all your sports. Run. Bike. Swim. Treadmill. Gym. Indoor Cycling and more.
  • Personalised Workouts: Get over 50 workouts tailored to your fitness level on your watch.
  • GPS Tracking: Time. Distance. Speed. Pace. Routes. Live stats, on the go.
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking: Capture your heart rate, steps, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day.
  • TomTom Sports App: Relive your efforts and get detailed insights into your performance with the TomTom Sports App.
  • Route Exploration: Follow GPX routes on your watch while you run or cycle.
  • Built-in Heart Rate monitor: See your heart rate on your wrist with the built-in heart rate monitor. No chest strap needed.
  • Fitness Age: Fitness Age shows how fit you really are by comparing your VO2 max level with global averages for your age and gender.
  • Customisable Straps: Pick from various strap colours to match your look.
  • Waterproof to 40M (5ATM): Waterproof to 40 meters
  • Phone Notifications: Keep your phone tucked away and see incoming calls and texts on your watch.
  • Indoor Training Mode: Track your performance on the treadmill or in the gym.
  • Perfect Fit: Select large or small watch straps to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist.
  • Wireless Syncing: Sync your watch wirelessly with your favourite workout apps.
  • Race Mode: Select one of your past workouts to race against.
  • Interval Training: Improve speed and fitness with custom work-rest sessions
  • Ultra-Slim Design: Notice your watch only when you want to.
  • Social sharing: Celebrate your success with friends. Share your workouts online.
  • QuickGPS: Get started faster with quicker GPS reception.
  • One-Button Control: Navigate easily through menus with a single button.
  • Long Battery Life: Get up to 11 hours of battery lifetime when tracking yourself with GPS.
  • Automatic sleep tracking: Track your sleep patterns and know if you're getting the sleep you need.
  • 5 Heart Rate Training Zones: Training in 5 different heart rate zones helps to get results faster.


  • Battery life: 25 days (Watch mode) 11 hours (GPS) 9 hours (GPS + HR)
  • Waterproofing: 40 m / 130 feet (5 ATM)
  • Sensors: GPS
  • Sports Data: Speed, Pace, Distance, Location, Duration, Heart Rate, Calories, Recovery, VO2 Max, Fitness Age, Fitness Points
  • Activity Tracking: Steps, sleep, calories, heart rate, active time, distance

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