Celestron 1.25 inch Moon Filter

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Celestron 1.25 inch Moon Filter

The Celestron 1.25 inch Moon Filter screws onto the insert barrel of compatible 1.25-inch eyepieces in order to reduce the light level to make it better suited for viewing the most commonly and most rewarding celestial object observed through amateur enthusiasts’ telescopes.

The Celestron Moon Filter has something of the same effect as wearing quality sunglasses on a bright summer day and it is especially effective when observing the Moon when it is full or nearly full.

This filter is also able to reveal additional detail when viewing Venus.

In addition, the Celestron Moon Filter can also be used when viewing extra-bright terrestrial areas such as larges stretches of sand or snow and also seascapes in high light conditions.

Note: For safety reasons, this filter must not be used to view the Sun.


  • Reduces glare and increase contrast of Moon
  • Useful for extra-bright planets as well as terrestrial viewing over sand or snow
  • Threads onto compatible 1.25-inch eyepieces in seconds