Coming home is a very special feeling. It is the feeling of finally arriving at a place that means a lot to us. Where we can relax and be ourselves. But the feeling of being home isn't just confined to four walls – rather anywhere where we feel free and be ourselves.

For us, this place is outdoors. That's why we at JACK WOLFSKIN work every day to make you feel "At Home Outdoors".

At home outdoors


We want sustainability to become a matter of course. This is why we're taking our commitment to products that conserve resources one step further with our new collection.

Sustainable weather protection


Proactively taking responsibility for social issues is a part of our corporate identity and culture. We are absolutely convinced that fairness, environmental awareness and social responsibility go hand in hand with our corporate success.

Enviromental protection


Anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in all types of weather like us gets to know nature in a special way and learns to value it. We are committed to protecting the environment, both on our doorstep and where our products are manufactured.

Social Responsibility


Fair and humane working conditions are an important topic for us, whether we are talking about Jack Wolfskin employees or whether we are referring to manufacturers and their employees in our global supply chain. We treat everyone with respect and consideration.

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All the materials that we use for our products are selected from an ethical point of view and produced as sustainably as possible.


8.68 - 8.69
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Jack Wolfskin Organizer Document Wallet

87.98 - 99.98
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Richmond Down Coat

7.54 - 11.50
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Jack Wolfskin Baseball Cap

72.68 - 99.68
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Svalbard Insulated Coat

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Jack Wolfskin Mens Vingen Insulated Jacket
153.34 - 225.00
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Baffin Island Down Coat

88.99 - 121.99
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Selenium Down Jacket

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Jack Wolfskin Passport Breast Pouch Document Wallet

10.03 - 10.99
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Jack Wolfskin Waschsalon Wash Bag

24.35 - 36.80
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Gecko Fleece

23.40 - 30.04
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Desert Shorts

18.67 - 19.01
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Jack Wolfskin Supplex Sun Hat

52.04 - 60.20
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Vojo Hike 2 Texapore Low Waterproof Shoes

78.80 - 105.54
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Helium Down Jacket

37.63 - 46.97
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Sonora Skort

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Jack Wolfskin Stretch Belt
57.05 - 67.03
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Vojo Hike 2 Texapore Mid Waterproof Boots

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Jack Wolfskin Hokus Pokus 2L Hip Pack
21.55 - 25.53
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Jack Wolfskin Womens Ancona 14L Day Pack

28.93 - 33.04
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Jack Wolfskin Velocity 12L Bike Backpack